Currently in Construction

Powered by the reputation and innovation that has led to the success of michael + clark construction, hexcon fulfills the needs of new and existing clients requiring unique project construction and facilities maintenance in a timely manner. The best of both worlds, hexcon allows for the responsiveness of a local contractor combined with the expertise, purchasing power and safety protocols of a larger construction company.

hexcon is well equipped to handle a variety of project scopes, such as:

  • Existing conditions surveys, building assessments and reports
  • Concrete pads and loading docks
  • Small renovations, additions, and tenant improvements
  • Hanging doors, equipment, fixtures, signage
  • Single visit service calls
  • Insurance and Emergency repairs
  • Ongoing Maintenance requirements


Our team is highly focused on ensuring your Structure of Success is functioning at its very best, so your business can do the same. We recognize that delays and downtime can cause substantial financial implications and we are able to help mitigate and often times eliminate downtime or lost productivity that can result from the need to complete smaller projects, immediate construction needs, or facilities maintenance. Recognizing the ongoing demand for construction services for limited-scale projects, hexcon is well positioned to successfully meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our growing client base.

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